dr.ssa Carola Locatelli

Attività scientifica

Communicating cancer diagnosis and prognosis

When the target is the elderly patient-a GIOGer study

Background: Effective communication to cancer patients allows better emotional response to diagnosis, coping with health professionals and compliance to treatment. We lack specific studies on patterns of clinical communication in elderly patients, their involvement in decision making and the role of their families.

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Physicians’ age and sex influence breaking bad news to elderly cancer patients

the G.I.O.Ger study


The debate on the importance of an effective communication in clinical oncology is a main issue for current biomedical ethics. Few studies, however, have specifically addressed the problem of breaking bad news to the elderly from the physician’s perspective. In the past, the general belief was that bad news was detrimental for the patient and could lead to increased psychological distress, thus supporting the practice of nondisclosure.

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Quanto costa non sapere



Non conoscere la malattia cancro può avere conseguenze gravi, perché comporta ritardi nelle diagnosi e nei trattamenti. Due studi fanno il punto sugli effetti di questa mancata consapevolezza sulla salute

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